Westech was approached by CSR to deliver a cost effective solution to achieving the goal of recycling 5% of the process sludge and minimising the fines carried into their clear water tank accelerating wear and maintenance. CSR needed to recycle the process sludge back into the process with the goal of reducing volumes sent to waste whilst not affecting the quality of the product.

Westech determined that the existing conventional thickener could not handle the severe conditions created by the coarse river sands. Without a suitable solution in the market Westech was required to design a speciality thickener from first principals.

The thickener is a hybrid machine that combines the best of deep cone and conventional thickeners. The solution has proved extremely successful. The feed to the thickener is via a refurbished screen installed by Westech.

To control the batching of cement fibre product into the manufacturing process, Westech design, fabricated and installed a new batching system. The batching system allows CSR to recycle process sludge, reducing cost of produce and benefiting through various governmental schemes, whilst ensuring consistency in the quality of the product.

All aspects of the plant installed by Westech were fully automated and integrated.

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