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Westech is a global resource engineering firm with the experience and expertise to offer our clients holistic technical solutions for natural resource projects encompassing the entire value chain from extraction to sale. Our depth of expertise allows us to offer our clients a plethora of engineering solutions covering their needs over the entire life cycle from EPC or EPCM project construction to continuous improvement review and optimisation.

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Our Projects

KBL asked Westech to assist in the reinstallation of a CIL Plant at their Mineral Hill mine in Central NSW. Westech developed a 2 phase approach to the build – Preparatory work and the Construction. During the Preparatory phase Westech worked closely with the Board of Directors to examine the feasibility of the installation considering the suitability of the existing infrastructure and equipment, the benefits to the existing process and the costs of the installation.

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Westech was approached by CSR to deliver a cost effective solution to achieving the goal of recycling 5% of the process sludge and minimising the fines carried into their clear water tank accelerating wear and maintenance. CSR needed to recycle the process sludge back into the process with the goal of reducing volumes sent to waste whilst not affecting the quality of the product.

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Westech carried out due diligence of the asset, a closed asset that was the largest mine in South Korea. Over 36 months, Westech reopened the underground mine – completing 5000 metres of access development and drilled over 20,000 metres to verify historical data and carry out test work to recover Tungsten in WO3. Fijian staff were brought to train the Koreans in modern mining practices including ground support, underground development and diamond drilling. The operation was to be run with little or no expatriate staff.

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Our Services

Our unique skill set as owners and operators allows us to offer our clients a holistic solution asset level management solution encompassing management of all aspects of the operations of a company. Read more

Westech provides its clients with full engineering, procurement, construction management and construction solutions for asset expansion, optimisation, refurbishment, mine development and process development. Read more

Westech has the capability to support mining companies from exploration licensing all the way through the development of the project to production. Read more

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